Henhayes field and the GRC. Photo by Jeff Hutson

Henhayes Recreation Ground is home to three sports clubs, which have pitches on the field: cricket, football and rugby. The field is also open for public use and is a popular spot for families, spectators and dog walkers. Owners are requested to keep their dogs under control at all times and ensure that they always pick up after their pets. ​

​Getting There​

Henhayes can be accessed from South Street, with parking available nearby. ​

Things to See and Do​

  • ​Join one of Crewkerne’s popular and welcoming sports teams; rugby, football and cricket. ​
  • Cheer on the players at a sports game.
  • Keep children entertained at the Henhayes Playground
  • Enjoy a swim at the Aqua Centre or see what events are on at the George Reynolds Centre, both located next to Henhayes ​

Things to Note​

To allow us to keep Henhayes Recreation Ground a lovely place for everyone to enjoy, please:​

  • Pick up after your dog​
  • Do not leave litter, use the bins provided​
  • Please be respectful of other users ​
  • Dog friendly (dogs not permitted in the children’s playground)
  • Wheelchair access from Henhayes car park or the Aqua Centre
  • Accessible roundabout
27 October 2021
Last Updated
7 July 2023