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Joint Burial Committee

The Joint Burial Committee consists of Councillors from West Crewkerne Parish Council and Crewkerne Town Council, who jointly own and manage Townsend Cemetery. Meetings are held five times a year and the Chairmanship of the Committee usually alternates between a Crewkerne Town Councillor and a West Crewkerne Parish Councillor each year. The Town Clerk acts as Clerk to the Joint Burial Committee.

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Committee Members

Chair: Cllr. Julia Borland (West Crewkerne PC)

Vice Chair: Cllr. Mike Best

Members: Cllrs. Steve Ashton, Caroline Broom (West Crewkerne PC), Frank Freeman (West Crewkerne PC), Andrea Stuart, Alice Samuel, Nigel Draycott.

10 September 2021
Last Updated
8 June 2023