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Government Levels

Crewkerne currently falls under three council tiers – County, District and Town Council. Each government level has different responsibilities and services to provide, but they work closely together to represent the interests of their communities. ​

​For an overview of the different services they provide, including Crewkerne Town Council, please see our Services Overview page.

​The government recently confirmed plans to reorganise Somerset government levels into two tiers instead of three. The new unitary level is expected to replace SSDC and SCC from April 2023. Crewkerne Town Council will continue to work closely with this new level throughout the transition process. For more information, please visit One Somerset.

South Somerset District Council

Crewkerne is represented by three councillors at South Somerset District Council until SSDC ceases to exist in April 2023. They are:

Cllr. Mike Best

Cllr. Ben Hodgson

Cllr. Robin Pailthorpe

Somerset County Council

Crewkerne is represented by two of its town councillors at Somerset County Council.

10 September 2021
Last Updated
3 November 2022