Some of the most commonly asked questions with answers​

​How do I submit a question for a council meeting?

​Questions for council meetings can be submitted in advance of the meeting to towncouncil@crewkerne-tc.gov.uk.  If they are submitted three clear working days in advance of the meeting, staff and councillors aim to provide a response in the meeting.  A question can be raised in the Public Open Forum at the start of each meeting, but may be referred to the Clerk for a response within 10 working days.​

​How can I get a stall at the market?​

The monthly Farmers’ Market is run by Somerset Farmers Markets – contact them directly via their website.

​How do I view a planning application? ​

Planning applications can be viewed through Somerset Council’s planning portal.  Search for an application here.  ​

​When will my rubbish be collected?​

You can check up to date waste collection dates here https://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/

​How much do councillors get paid?​

Town Councillors do not get paid or receive any allowances towards their Town Council duties.  ​

Who is responsible for the public toilets?

​Falkland Square toilets are maintained by the Town Council. They are cleaned daily by our contractor. If you notice a problem, please report it to us on 01460 74001.

How do I pay my Council tax bill?

Council tax is paid to Somerset Council and can be paid by direct debit, over the phone, or online. Unfortunately, at Town Hall we are not able to take payments for Council tax. For more information visit their website: www.somerset.gov.uk, or telephone 01935 462462.

4 November 2021
Last Updated
14 November 2023