Below is a general overview of responsibilities across local government and links to their contact details (you can find contact details for other public services here):

Crewkerne Town Council South Somerset District Council Somerset County Council
Allotments (joint) Allotments (joint) Archives and records
Benches (joint) Benches (joint) Councillor Conduct (County level)
Bins (locations in public areas, not emptying logistics) Business rate/council tax collection Economic development (joint)
Bus shelters Cemetries and Crematoria Education (nursery, schools, special needs and adult)
Cemeteries and closed churchyards Community safety (anti-social behaviour, alcohol byelaws, noise abatements, dog and pest control, food safety, health and safety) Emergency planning (joint)
Clocks Councillor Conduct (District and Town levels) Grants (voluntary bodies)
Grants (local voluntary bodies) Economic development (joint) Highways/Transport (strategic planning, public transport, road maintenance, byways, street lighting – some joint)
Licences (consulted for opinion only) Election administration Historic buildings
Markets (joint) Emergency planning (joint) Libraries
Memorials Grants (voluntary bodies, help with lottery applications) Minerals and waste planning
Museums and arts (joint) Highways/Transport (unclassified roads, car parks, byways, road safety, street lighting, street naming, local transport plans – some joint) Museums and arts (joint)
Open spaces and play areas (joint) Housing (council houses/housing assosciations, residential care, homelessness, traveller site maintainance) Open spaces and play areas (joint)
Planning (consulted for opinion only) Liscences Refuse and Recycling disposal
Street Lights (joint) Markets (joint) Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths
Tourism development (joint) Museums and arts (joint) Social Services (elderly, people with disabilities, children) and inspection
Town Halls Open spaces and leisure centres (joint) Strategic/infrastructure planning
Planning (applications and enforcement, conservation areas, tree preservation) Tourism development (joint)
Public toilets Trading Standards
Refuse and Recycling collection Traveller site location
Tourism development (joint)