Full Town Council meetings are held 11 times a year, and additional Committees (on which all Councillors sit) and subcommittees (of selected Councillors and nominated interested parties) also meet regularly. The three main Committees are listed below. Full Town Council meets to ratify the recommendation of these Committees (unless these decisions are already agreed within the Committees’ permitted powers), and items which do not fit into Committees’ remits are debated. The May meeting is normally the annual meeting at which key roles are allocated to councillors. Every year the Town Council must hold an additional “Annual Meeting of Electors”, where the the Town Council reports on activity and listens to the public.

The Amenities Committee makes decisions on matters pertaining to the facilities managed by the Council including its allotments, recreation grounds, buildings, and nature reserve. It also makes representations on the responsibilities of other authorities regarding litter bins, street cleaning and recycling. The Committee participates in marketing initiatives and organising community activities.

The Planning and Highways Committee makes recommendations (but not decisions) on planning applications and highways matters within Crewkerne to South Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council. The Committee pursues action from both the District and County Council on a range of concerns such as yellow lines, speeding traffic, highway improvements, maintenance of verges and gullies, footpaths and rights of way.

The Policy and Resources Committee considers annual revenue and capital budgets, grant applications, matters of principle or policy, matters concerning finance and audit, health and safety issues, the website, reviewing corporate documents as well as the initial formation of the annual budget (precept).

Additional subcommittees can be set up by resolution of the Council to oversee specific projects as required.



Agendas (providing details of content, date, time and location for Crewkerne Town Council meetings and sub-committee meetings) are uploaded for pubic access prior to meetings and minutes of what was agreed are uploaded after meetings. Details of publicly available supporting documentation can be found in the Schedule of Publication, available on the Governance and Policy Documents page.

You are welcome to attend Town Council and Committee meetings (excluding items which have been declared confidential), which are normally in the Council Chamber, Victoria Hall – accessed from the door on the west side of the building. The chamber is wheelchair accessible. You do not need to advise of your attendance in advance, although  if you intend to record the meeting or have any access requirements it is recommended that you contact us in advance. There is a dedicated time slot for attendees to speak towards the beginning of Council meetings, and the Town Clerk can advise on the process.