How can I contact the Town Council?

Contact details can be found here.

I have a question, problem or suggestion for the Council – what should I do?

It is recommended that you put this in writing to the Council, using the contact details here. This will be passed on the appropriate individual or Council, or will be responded to by the Council’s staff.

Can I attend Council meetings?

Please see the information here about attending meetings.

How is the Town Council elected?

Please see the government’s website for details about local elections.

How can I get involved?

The Town Council welcome volunteers. There are many ways to get involved, particularly by joining the subcommittees set up to help coordinate specific on projects. Subcommittees have included projects at Severalls War Memorial, Bincombe Beeches and Henhayes Play Area. Simply tell the council where your interest lies and you will be advised appropriately.

Please note that there are currently regular volunteering days at Bincombe Beeches Nature Reserve.

The Town Council itself is a fully elected body of public office holders (with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and committee members all appointed internally), and you can see information about who can stand for Council here. Upcoming election dates will be published on the Electoral Commission website. Should a casual vacancy arise and a by-election not be called, you may wish to nominate yourself; please contact the council who will advise on the processes to be followed.

Can you promote my business/venue/event?

This site focuses on promoting events arranged and facilities run by the Town Council. To promote your business/venue/event we encourage you to also contact the Local Information Centre.

Why doesn’t the Town Council use Falkland Square for more events and markets?

Falkland Square is privately owned, making the legalities and logistics of such events complicated.

Who is responsible for..?

Please see the table on the local government levels page to determine the responsibilities of various levels of local government. Contacts can then be found through the menu bar.